[ovirt-users] 100% memory usage on desktop environments

Karli Sjöberg karli.sjoberg at slu.se
Wed May 18 15:59:03 UTC 2016

Den 18 maj 2016 5:49 em skrev Nicolás <nicolas at devels.es>:
> Hi,
> Probably not an oVirt issue, but maybe someone can help. I've deployed a
> pretty basic VM (ubuntu 14.04 server, 4GB RAM, 4 CPUs, 15GB storage).

Just spitballing here: 14.04 only? Tried 16.04, or any other OS for that matter? For now, it sounds more guest related rather than oVirt.


> Each time I install an additional desktop environment (Gnome, KDE,
> whatever...), CPU usage rises to 100% all time to the extreme that
> interacting with the machine becomes impossible (maybe a mouse movement
> is propagated 3 minutes later or so...).
> To debug this, I installed LXDE, which is a lightweight desktop
> environment based on Xorg. I could see there is an Xorg process
> consuming one of the CPUs and the machine stops responding as far as the
> desktop environment goes. I have not changed anything in the
> configuration file.
> I could also see this only happens when QXL is chosen as the display
> driver. When CIRRUS is chosen, everything works smoothly and CPU is
> ~100% idle. The downside is that we want to use SPICE and CIRRUS won't
> allow it.
> Why does this happen? Is this an OS-side driver issue? Any hint how can
> it be fixed?
> Thanks.
> Nicolás
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