[ovirt-users] Linux guests vs. Spice/QXL?

Uwe Laverenz uwe at laverenz.de
Wed May 18 19:06:36 UTC 2016


Am 18.05.2016 um 16:03 schrieb Shmuel Melamud:

> Did you set the correct OS type in the VM properties in each test?

It seems I didn't. After setting it to reasonable values the problem was 
solved for Debian 8 and CentOS 7 (both KDE4).

Fedora 24 and Kubuntu 16.04 (both Plasma 5) stop insisting on 1024x768 
as soon as you choose OS type "RHEL 7x" (no autosizing though).

I never thought this setting could be so important. :)

Thank you very much!


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