[ovirt-users] Recommended bonding modes?

Alan Murrell lists at murrell.ca
Sun May 22 19:33:31 UTC 2016


I am wondering what the recommended bonding modes are for the  
different types of networks:

   - Management/Display
   - Guest VM Traffic
   - Storage (NFS)

For the purposes pf this post, assume mode 4 is not available.

For Management/Display, I am thinking mode 1 (active-backup) is  
adequate since there generally isn't a lot of traffic being pushed  

Storage, I like mode 0 (round robin) due to some performance results I  
have seen, though I understand this has to be setup in "custom  
bonding".  Mode 6 seems like it would do well here as well.

Guest VM traffic is the one I am not sure about.  There could be a lot  
of traffic going back and forth, so I would want all the interfaces in  
the bond active to balance the load.  Of the supported bonding modes,  
either 2 or 5 would seem to be the options.

I am just wondering what others' thoughts and experiences are.

Thanks! :-)



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