[ovirt-users] How to setup host network to link ovirtmgmt with eth0 automatically?

Kai Kang kai.7.kang at gmail.com
Tue May 24 07:36:15 UTC 2016


When I install a host, it fails with:

2016-05-24 07:00:01,749 ERROR
(DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-4) [1bf36cd4] Host 'node3' is set to
Non-Operational, it is missing the following networks: 'ovirtmgmt'
2016-05-24 07:00:01,781 WARN
(DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-4) [1bf36cd4] Correlation ID: 1bf36cd4, Job
ID: db281e8f-67cc-441a-b44c-90b135e509bd, Call Stack: null, Custom Event
ID: -1, Message: Host node3 does not comply with the cluster Default
networks, the following networks are missing on host: 'ovirtmgmt'

After I click the "Hosts" -> subtab "Network Interfaces" -> "Setup Host
Networks" on the web ui and drag ovirtmgmt to "Assigned Logical" to link
with eth0, then activate host "node3" successfully.

My question is how to make such manual operation automatically?  Then I can
run some automatic tests.

Thanks a lot.

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