[ovirt-users] Network problem with bonding and Windows guests

Maxence Sartiaux contact at makz.me
Wed May 25 09:28:39 UTC 2016


I've a problem, all my ovirt hosts are linked with a bonding mode 4 (802.3ad LACP) 2x10Gbps 
Eveything is okay with unix guest but with Windows guest, i can ping but internet browsing is impossible (sometime i have a part of the page, very rare case) 

If i remove the bonding and bridge one interface, windows work good. 

I've tried with windows 7 and windows 10, guest additions are installed 
VirtIO / rtl3189 tested, same problem 

My bonding opts : mode=4 lacp_rate=1 miimon=100 
Interface MTU 9000 

Bonding mode 2 also tested 
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