[ovirt-users] Struggling to get the network work

Anantha Raghava raghav at exzatechconsulting.com
Wed May 25 10:11:06 UTC 2016


I have a peculiar problem with oVirt 3.6. Any VM connected to ovrtmgmt 
is working absolutely fine, bu the VMs (Windows Guests) in different 
VLANs say 10, 32, 34, 40, 48 & 69 are not able to even ping their 
respective gateways. In other words, network packets are not coming out 
of the VMs at all.

1. Our infrastructure consists of Lenovo Flex Chassis with 3 Lenovo x240 
Compute nodes. All nodes are up and running and VMs are also created and 
guest OS installed.
2. Chassis switch has a trunk port that carries all VLAN traffic.
3. I have created logical networks and added VLAN tags (10, 32, 24, 40, 
48 & 69).
4. I have attached the vNIC to each host and assigned static IP in 
respective VLANs. For example in VLAN 32, the vNIC is assigned with, subnet:, Gateway:
5. VMs are mapped with respective vNIC and assigned IPs in respective 
VLAN. For Example, VM in VLAN 32 has as IP, as subnet and as gateway.

Now, VM is able to ping vNIC in VLAN 32, but neither VM is able to ping 
the gateway nor hosts are able to ping vNIC or the VM.

We even attempted with replacing a trunk port with access port, but same 
issue continues.

What could have gone wrong? Any thing missing on oVirt configuration?

A quick help is highly appreciated.



Thanks & Regards,

Anantha Raghava

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