[ovirt-users] On 3.6.6, tried doing a live VM storage migration... didn't work

Christopher Cox ccox at endlessnow.com
Thu May 26 01:43:22 UTC 2016

In our old 3.4 ovirt, I know I've migrated storage on live VMs and everything 
seemed to work.

However on 3.6.6, I tried this and I saw the warning about moving storage on a 
live VM (it wasn't doing much of anything) and I went ahead and migrated the 
storage from one storage domain to another.   But when it was through, even 
though the VM was still alive, when I tried to write to a virtual disk that was 
part of the move, it paused the VM saying there wasn't enough storage.

I could unpause the VM, but in a few seconds, with things writing to the virtual 
disk, again it was paused with the same out of space message.  Vdsm logs showed 
the enospc return code... so it made sense, it's just that the VM shows plenty 
of storage there.  Once I rebooted the VM, everything went back to normal.

So is moving storage for a live VM not supported?  I guess we got lucky in our 
3.4 system (?)

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