[ovirt-users] Can't perform search after setting up an Active Directory

Alexis HAUSER alexis.hauser at telecom-bretagne.eu
Fri May 27 09:15:53 UTC 2016

>you use '_ldaps._tcp' in ovirt not '_ldap._tcp' as in dig.
>And '_ldaps' is what's missing in your DNS.

Oh ! you're right, I didn't even see that ! I was confused by all this. I'll ask someone to add these SRV records.

>Unfortunatelly using '_ldaps._tcp' is not any standart. But that's what 
>usually people do if they can't use startTLS.

So, in a way we could say that Ovirt expect users to use Start_TLS with AD, but not ldaps ?
Should I open a RFE about this ? 

>This message doesn't say much. Can you please send full Java exception 
>stack trace?

Yes, here is the full log when trying to use StartTLS :

Please tell me if it gives you see anything in it.

(and again, thanks for all your help)

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