[ovirt-users] failing update ovirt-engine on centos 7

Pavel Gashev Pax at acronis.com
Mon May 30 13:35:17 UTC 2016

In my case oVirt is running in an OpenVZ container. Since selinux doesn't support namespaces, it's disabled.

I don't want to fuel the holy war stopdisablingselinux.com vs selinuxsucks.com. Just please allow us to choose. Thanks.

On 30/05/16 16:01, "users-bounces at ovirt.org on behalf of Michal Skrivanek" <users-bounces at ovirt.org on behalf of michal.skrivanek at redhat.com> wrote:

>> On 30 May 2016, at 14:57, Fabrice Bacchella <fabrice.bacchella at orange.fr> wrote:
>>> Running with selinux disabled is not recommended nor supported.
>>> It should be easy to skip over that problem, but in general this is not something you should hit in normal environment
>> That's very theorical recommandation. selinux is very very often disabled, because nobody really understand it.
>It is not theoretical, it’s mandatory. there is an assumption it is enabled, after bare OS installation it is enabled, so when you disable it it is an explicit decision done by the admin for some reason. What did you find not working? Did you really encounter anything not being solved by setting Permissive mode instead disabling completely?
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