[ovirt-users] How to automate the ovirt host deployment?

Fabrice Bacchella fabrice.bacchella at orange.fr
Tue May 31 13:11:46 UTC 2016

> Le 28 mai 2016 à 11:50, Arman Khalatyan <arm2arm at gmail.com> a écrit :
> Thank you for the hint. I will try next week. 
> Foreman looks quite complex:)
> I would prefer simple Python script with 4 lines: add, install, setup networks and activate.
You could have a look at my sample script:

https://github.com/fbacchella/ovirtcmd/blob/master/samples/noshared.py <https://github.com/fbacchella/ovirtcmd/blob/master/samples/noshared.py>

It use a custom library that wrap the official python sdk

It just expect that the engine have remote root ssh access on a new host, using public key.

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