[ovirt-users] Can't perform search after setting up an Active Directory

Alexis HAUSER alexis.hauser at telecom-bretagne.eu
Tue May 31 14:24:47 UTC 2016

>> Thank you, this actually works. Yes, I'll remove it as soon as possible.
>> Now with RHEV + AD, it seems better than RHEV + LDAP for groups : it finds most of the groups a user belongs to. RHEV + LDAP is only able to find one group a user belongs to >>(which is not the same group found when I search the same user with ldapsearch...Still not able to solve that mystery....)

>That's very strange, we test it and it works for us. But you said you 
>use more namingContexts
>than one, right? It could be the problem as we support only one.

Which attribute is used by RHEV/ovirt to guess which user a group belong (or the controry), in the case of LDAP and in the case of AD ?
I can see that not all attributes are filled in the AD/LDAP database here.

>Run this command:
>$ keytool -storepasswd -keystore /path/to/jks/x.jks
>It will ask you for old and new password.

Thank you, I'll ask rhev-docs to add this to the documentation, as they make you generate a new certificate even when using the automatic setup, which makes the automatically generated certificate useless.

By the way, is there a list of all the possible options/values of .properties file ?

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