[ovirt-users] VMs paused due to IO issues - Dell Equallogic controller failover

Nir Soffer nsoffer at redhat.com
Tue Oct 4 18:11:59 UTC 2016

On Tue, Oct 4, 2016 at 10:51 AM, Gary Lloyd <g.lloyd at keele.ac.uk> wrote:

> Hi
> We have Ovirt 3.65 with a Dell Equallogic SAN and we use Direct Luns for
> all our VMs.
> At the weekend during early hours an Equallogic controller failed over to
> its standby on one of our arrays and this caused about 20 of our VMs to be
> paused due to IO problems.
> I have also noticed that this happens during Equallogic firmware upgrades
> since we moved onto Ovirt 3.65.
> As recommended by Dell disk timeouts within the VMs are set to 60 seconds
> when they are hosted on an EqualLogic SAN.
> Is there any other timeout value that we can configure in vdsm.conf to
> stop VMs from getting paused when a controller fails over ?

You can set the timeout in multipath.conf.

With current multipath configuration (deployed by vdsm), when all paths to
a device
are lost (e.g. you take down all ports on the server during upgrade), all
io will fail

If you want to allow 60 seconds gracetime in such case, you can configure:

    no_path_retry 12

This will continue to monitor the paths 12 times, each 5 seconds
(assuming polling_interval=5). If some path recover during this time, the io
can complete and the vm will not be paused.

If no path is available after these retries, io will fail and vms with
pending io
will pause.

Note that this will also cause delays in vdsm in various flows, increasing
the chance
of timeouts in engine side, or delays in storage domain monitoring.

However, the 60 seconds delay is expected only on the first time all paths
faulty. Once the timeout has expired, any access to the device will fail

To configure this, you must add the # VDSM PRIVATE tag at the second line of
multipath.conf, otherwise vdsm will override your configuration in the next
you run vdsm-tool configure.

multipath.conf should look like this:


defaults {
    polling_interval            5
    no_path_retry               12
    user_friendly_names         no
    flush_on_last_del           yes
    fast_io_fail_tmo            5
    dev_loss_tmo                30
    max_fds                     4096

devices {
    device {
        all_devs                yes
        no_path_retry           12

This will use 12 retries (60 seconds) timeout for any device. If you like
configure only your specific device, you can add a device section for
your specific server instead.

> Also is there anything that we can tweak to automatically unpause the VMs
> once connectivity with the arrays is re-established ?

Vdsm will resume the vms when storage monitor detect that storage became
available again.
However we cannot guarantee that storage monitoring will detect that
storage was down.
This should be improved in 4.0.

> At the moment we are running a customized version of storageServer.py, as
> Ovirt has yet to include iscsi multipath support for Direct Luns out of the
> box.

Would you like to share this code?

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