[ovirt-users] Unexpected behaviour during creating VM using oVirt API

Roman Chukov mailbox4ovirt at asgardahost.org
Fri Oct 7 18:59:08 UTC 2016


I am trying to create a virtual machine from a template using oVirt
API. Somehow like this:

def createVM(connection, cluster, vmname, vmtemplate):
                 param = params.VM( name=vmname, \
                 cluster=connection.clusters.get(name=cluster), \
                 template=connection.templates.get(name=vmtemplate), \
                 use_latest_template_version = True ) 
		print "Could not construct a request to oVirtapi,please check parameters which were being sent to" 
		return None

                print "I was not able to commit my request into oVirt api."
                return None
        return "OK"

Everything is fine when I have only ONE version of a template. But I am 
used to create several number of versions for one template because it
is quite flexible. In this case, when I run my script, I receive an
"AmbiguousQueryError" error even if an option
"use_latest_template_version = True" is used.

I revised
file  /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ovirtsdk/utils/filterhelper.py
and found near line 30 that this error is raised unquestionably:

if len(result) > 1:
	raise AmbiguousQueryError(query)
return result[0] if result else None

It seems quite strange. Either I do not understand the meaning of
option "use_latest_template_version" or using of this option does not
make sense, I mean query constructed in params.VM() function will not
be passed by filterhelper.py in current implementation.
I made a small patch that allows me to use the latest
version of the template during VM creation:

if len(result) > 1 :
	result = result[len(result) - 1]
	return result
	#raise AmbiguousQueryError(query)
return result[0] if result else Nonepython-2.7.5-34.el7.x86_64
But I am still not sure that original behaviour of filehelper.py is
unexpectable. I would be very pleasant if you explain me this issue.

My OS is CentOS 7. I use Python python-2.7.5-34.el7.x86_64. Version of
ovirt-engine-sdk is ovirt-engine-sdk-python-

Thanks in advance, Roman A. Chukov.

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