[ovirt-users] Unable to get HE up after update

Susinthiran Sithamparanathan chesusin at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 10:57:26 UTC 2016

i've been discussing this issue over at IRC (#ovirt on irc.oftc.net)) and
was suggested to send an email with logs the ML.

The problem i have is that the HE is a loop getting up and down ( ( i
assume it's the HA trying to get it up) after upgrade to oVirt 4. I have a
couple of VMs i use daily with SPICE and remoteviewer and i hope to get
them up and running again. Due to this, i've put it in global maintenance
I'm attaching the server log in the hope of getting some help and can
provide more details if needed to debug the issue further.

The log is too big for fpaste so it's to be found here:
https://my.owndrive.com/index.php/s/Gk4De1jy9fWmFa8 as well as attached



Susinthiran Sithamparanathan
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