[ovirt-users] HA not working when killing one node

Felip Moll lipixx at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 09:28:50 UTC 2016


I have latest version of ovirt 4 installed on a Centos 7, 2 hypervisor
nodes (rdkvm[1-2]) and 1 ovirt-engine node (rdhead1).

GlusterFS is setup with 2 bricks on both rdkvm1 and rdkvm2.

I have some vm's running on the infraestructure. I have HA enabled and
ipmi is working.

I manually poweroff force one node. Then I expect that VM's running on
that node are started in the remaining node because of the HA setting.
What happens is that ovirt starts the powered off node but not the
vm's that remain shutted down.

Is it the correct behaviour? How can I make that vm's are auto-started
if they were running before hypervisor kill?

Felip M

Felip Moll Marquès
Computer Science Engineer
E-Mail - lipixx at gmail.com
WebPage - http://lipix.ciutadella.es

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