[ovirt-users] HTTP Error 405 when trying to use ovirt-vmconsole

Marcus Sundberg marcus.sundberg at aptilo.com
Fri Oct 21 16:09:37 UTC 2016


I have enabled ovirt-vmconsole in oVirt 4.0.4, and the ssh server is running,
but whenever I try to connect to it I get the following in the log:

Oct 21 18:03:13 host ovirt-vmconsole[22076]: 2016-10-21 18:03:13,021 ovirt-vmconsole-list: ERROR main:274 Error: HTTP Error 405: Method Not Allowed
Oct 21 18:03:13 host ovirt-vmconsole-proxy-keys[22072]: ERROR Key list execution failed rc=1
Oct 21 18:03:13 host sshd[22069]: error: AuthorizedKeysCommand /usr/libexec/ovirt-vmconsole-proxy-keys returned status 1

and the ssh client authentication naturally fails.

Who is responding with 405, and what am I missing for this to work?

 Marcus Sundberg <marcus.sundberg at aptilo.com>
 Senior Systems & Software Architect
 Aptilo Networks AB, http://www.aptilo.com/

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