[ovirt-users] Non responsive vms, how to reconnect hosts

andreas.ewert at cbc.de andreas.ewert at cbc.de
Mon Oct 24 11:52:58 UTC 2016

Hi there,

currently our vms are in a non responsive state.
Due fibre channel storage problems every machine is tagged by a question mark.
Datacenter is in non operational mode.
Good news is that the machines are running. I verrified by „virsh list“ on the hypervisors.
I know if I reboot the hypervisors then the problem will be solved. But is there any other way to connect the hypervisor hosts to the datacenter?
Now storage problems are over and I already tried to restart the vdsm daemon … but no success. Do I really need to reboot the hosts?

OS Version of ovirt Hosts: Centos7
DataCenter runs with version 3.5

With best regards

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