[ovirt-users] quick way to see total RAM and CPU count on VM listing

Ernest Beinrohr Ernest.Beinrohr at axonpro.sk
Tue Oct 25 11:36:05 UTC 2016

On 29.09.2016 16:46, Nelson Lameiras wrote:
> Hello oVirt community,
> When listing virtual machines, is there a quick way to see how much 
> RAM/CPU each machine has?
> In oVirt 4.0.4, I can see ram/cpu usage in a very nice way, but I can 
> not access easily the total RAM and number of CPUs.
> The only way to find this information in GUI is to edit a vm and see 
> the system tab (and that's when the "edit" context menu is available, 
> which is not always)
> Am I missing something?
> This information is very usefull and sometimes critical (when 
> migrating VM to hosts which are already low on free RAM, specially 
> when balloning is involved)
> I would like to see this information always on screen, like a 
> (un)checkable column... does it seem doable ?
> Maybe it would be possible to show it while hoovering the memory/cpu 
> information with the mouse ?
You can vote for custom columns :)

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