[ovirt-users] Ovirt and active directory integration

nicola.gentile.to nicola.gentile.to at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 10:01:33 UTC 2016

I would like to submit a problem with active directory authentication.
Let me make an introduction.
Actually my infrastructure consists in 1 manager and 2 nodes (version 
The active directory forest consists in many subdomains.
In the active directory forest there are 2 type of accounts:
-1- normal users, this account is similar to name.surname at domain.it
-2- particular users, this account is similar to s123456 at subdomain.domain.it

Important note: the subdomain of the account type 2 is an alias domain 
for example:

         s123456 at subdomain.domain.it is an alias of s123456 at domain.it

When I do login from user portal:

- with normal users I login correctly and I can start the vm without problem
- with particular users I login correctly but I can not start the vm 
although I have permissions. To solve this problem I must insert the 
account in the db of ovirt from administration portal in the users tab

I noticed that, with a particular users (s123456 at subdomain.domain.it), 
the ovirt infrastructure does not automatically insert this account in 
the own db.

Also the subdomain.domain.it is not in the list of the subdomains of the 
forest, perhaps it is for this reason that does not work properly.

I deduced that is an active directory problem (that in not resolvable 
for the complexity of the AD infrastructure), I ask you if exist a 
script for insert of many accounts at one time. Something like:

     script.sh < list-users.txt

where the file lists-users.txt consists of a sequential list of accounts 
like this:

     s000001 at subdomain.polito.it
     s000002 at subdomain.polito.it
     s000003 at subdomain.polito.it
     s000004 at subdomain.polito.it

Thank you very much for your help


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