[ovirt-users] Local and Shared storage in same datacenter

Mike (maillinglists) maillist at probie.nl
Sun Oct 30 10:02:34 UTC 2016

Hi guys,

There have been a few related questions already that I could find, but I 
did not find anything relating to my specific use case.

Currently it is not possible to mix local storage with shared storage in 
the same datacenter.
The reason seems to be because of the storage pool manager (SPM).
This is a role in the datacenter provided to one specific host.

While I understand that this makes having local storage impossible, I 
believe there is a use case to have local storage in a shared storage 
Consider the following:
I have a few applications that require 1 milli second latency and at 
most 2 milli second.
That is not consistenly achievable with shared storage, to that end I 
added flash storage to a few hypervisors.
About 5% of my servers require this and are not that resource hungry to 
require a dedicated physical server.
That same 5% also has no requirement to be migrated if a host fails.

So in short I have 5 heavy hosts running ovirt with a shared storage 
domain on NFS for 95% of my servers.
All running fine, but I am now unable to run my remaining 5%.

To finish up my summary I have been testing various virtualization 
technologies, like VmWare and Hyper-V.
They allow such configurations as I mentioned.

I already had some chat on irc with various guys and they suggested that 
I put this on the mailing list, so here goes.

My suggestion would be to evoluate from SPM to SDM.
SDM stands for Storage Domain Manager.
This would create the possibility to have all nodes in the datacenter 
participate in the storage handling.
A extra benefit would be that local storage could be added.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading.

Kind regards,
Mike van Goor

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