[ovirt-users] oVirt 4 Hosted Engine Full Backup Workflow in single script

Simone Tiraboschi stirabos at redhat.com
Fri Sep 2 07:38:19 UTC 2016

On Fri, Sep 2, 2016 at 8:20 AM, <aleksey.maksimov at it-kb.ru> wrote:

> Hello oVirt guru`s !
> As described in https://www.ovirt.org/documentation/admin-guide/
> hosted-engine-backup-and-restore/
> the backup process consists of three phases:
> 1) On some oVirt Host:
> # hosted-engine --set-maintenance --mode=global
> 2) On oVirt Hosted Engine VM:
> # service ovirt-engine stop
> # engine-backup --mode=backup --scope=all --file=/mnt/nfsshare/backup.tar
> --log=/mnt/nfsshare/backup.log
> # service ovirt-engine start
> 3) On some oVirt Host:
> # hosted-engine --set-maintenance --mode=none
> As I understand it, the first and the third phase are performed on any
> oVirt Host.
> The second phase runs inside oVirt Hosted Engine VM.
> Because hosted-engine command not provided on Hosted Engine VM :(
> I have a few questions.
> 1) For what stop is executed for ovirt-engine service before engine-backup?
> I found an interesting script http://learnlinuxchennai.
> blogspot.ru/2015/08/ovirt-manager-backup-script.html
> But the script is not specified stop ovirt-engine service before
> engine-backup.

The backup of the engine DB is a single transaction by itself but we are,
optionally, saving a backup of DWH and reports DB with different commands
and so having it down is safer.
On the other side, this require the global maintenance mode since
otherwise, if the engine downtime due to backup creation is too long, the
ha-agent will reboot the engine VM to ensure HA.

> 2) Is it possible within a single script to organize all oVirt HE Backup
> Workflow (phase 1, then phase 2, then phase 3)
> Perhaps there is an example of such a script?

You should be able to require the global maintenance mode from the engine
also via REST API.

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