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Sun Sep 4 20:14:02 UTC 2016

As a prospective user of oVirt I have noticed quite a lot of glaring
problems with the documentation, is it still being maintained?  Since
outdated or incomplete documentation is often worse than nothing, a
possible solution would be to just link to the official Red Hat
Virtualization documentation.

Here are some examples I found after looking for less than 5 minutes:



The top of this web page has two videos from 2012. The left one "oVirt Open
Virtualization Basics -- Single Machine Install" is a guide for the all in
one install.  This is misleading as it no longer possible to perform an all
in one install since 3.6, and in general it would appear the oVirt project
does not support deploying oVirt to a single machine. The right video is a
guide on creating VMs using the GUI from 2012 which has since changed.

Overall both videos should be removed from the Documentation page as they
only confuse and mislead new users.  I, and I am sure many other users
would greatly appreciate more current video guides.



Under the notes for this there is the following passage:

“Although hosted-engine and engine-setup use different wording for the
admin password ("'admin at internal' user password" vs "Engine admin
password"), they are asking for the same thing. If you enter different
passwords, the hosted-engine setup will fail.”

Why is the wording different?  This appears to be entirely unnecessary, and
also confusing as to why it is asking for the password a second time at all.



After finishing the hosted engine deployment script the guide states:

“After completing the OS installation on the VM, return to the host and
continue. The installer on the host will sync with the VM and ask for
the engine
to be installed on the new VM:”

It is unclear how you are expected to access the VM, is the Web UI up at
this point?  Do you need to use virsh to connect to the VM?  The guide
should be explicit.



 I. The documentation discusses Fedora 19, Fedora is currently on version
24 and 19 is EOL.

II. Under “Storage and Networking” there is no mention that oVirt requires
at least 3 GlusterFS bricks to achieve quorum.

III. Under “Virtual Machines” there is no mention of Windows 10, Fedora
past version 20, or RHEL/CentOS 7.X.
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