[ovirt-users] live migration with openvswitch

Pavel Levshin lpk at 581.spb.su
Thu Sep 8 08:27:56 UTC 2016


I'm trying to learn Ovirt 4 and have a problem with it.

My cluster consists of 3 nodes. I use Openvswitch for network 
connectivity. I have a HostedEngine and one additional VM in the cluster.

When I try to migrate the VM to another node, it fails. From vdsm and 
libvirtd logs I see that proper network interface on destination node 
cannot be found. Libvirt tries to find Openvswitch bridge with name like 
"vdsmbr_AOYiPtcT". It exists on source node, but it is unique on every 
node, because it contains random part. Additionally, it changes on every 

How this is supposed to work?

Pavel Levshin

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