[ovirt-users] [ovirt 3.6] Logical network not working

Luca 'remix_tj' Lorenzetto lorenzetto.luca at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 15:44:27 UTC 2016


i'm new to ovirt and i did some months ago a setup of ovirt 3.6 for
playing. My setup is composed by two physical hosts with 6 nic each
and another machine hosting the engine. All hosts are running RHEL 7.2

Setup went well, no problems. I've been able to convert the kvm image
provided by redhat and have it running on ovirt.

Then i decided to configure a new network in addition to the
ovirtmgmt. I went to networks, i created the logical network called
Development and set the flag "Enable VLAN Tagging" and inserted the
vlan tag.
Once created the logical network i went to each host and did setup
network and assigned the logical network to the interface where the
vlan is connected. The interface is configured with bootproto=none, so
no IP has been assigned to the eno5.828 that appeared after assigning
logical network.

I started then a vm and connected to the vNIC "Develoment/Development"
and assigned an IP. But networking is not working: no ping, no traffic
visible with tcpdump.

I tested the single interfaces on the hosts and where the logical
network is connected with tcpdump (both eno5 and eno5.828) i see tons
of broadcast traffic of that interface.

With brctl-show i see that assigned to the bridge Development there
are both eno5.828 and vnic0.

Any way to understand what's happening and why traffic is not passing?

Thank you


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