[ovirt-users] ovirt-engine client_secret

Maton, Brett matonb at ltresources.co.uk
Tue Sep 13 16:07:31 UTC 2016


  I had installed ovirt-engine on a physical host, but want to move it to a
hosted vm instead,
  I created a VM and installed ovirt-engine.

  Stopped the engine on the physical host and ran engine-setup on the VM,
connecting it to the existing remote database.
  Started ovirt-engine and ovirt-engine-dwhd

  DNS adjusted to point at the new VM instead of physical machine.

  I can get the the web-ui but when I try to login I get:

  Invalid request, parameter 'client_secret' not found or contains invalid

  Can I generate a new client_secret or is there another trick ?

Thanks in advance
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