[ovirt-users] How to recovery VM's data on SAS disk?Data domain all is local host!

张余歌 patrickstar12358 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 14 07:04:06 UTC 2016

Dear my friend,recently i deployed ovirt-3.5.6 on my dell server with 
SSD and SAS storage.I was hopeless about disaster recovery until i found
 your github:

1:SSD which i allocate to VM's system disk ,and SAS as VM's data storage disk.
2:i use "allinone"(engine and host on the same server) to deploy ovirt.

1:Maybe your github project will be work well in ovirt3.5.6?(because i see your project work on ovirt 3.6)
 My SSD disk has some deadly error,it's no doubt that it cause broken 
the server And let whole system useless!In this case,what can i do ?I 
was afraid of it for a long time
3:Would you tell me what does the ovirt's engine-backup effect?Will the engine backup help me???

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