[ovirt-users] Nested oVirt : Unofficial network recommendations wanted

Nicolas Ecarnot nicolas at ecarnot.net
Thu Sep 15 12:43:00 UTC 2016


I'm trying to setup a nested oVirt for the first time, and according to 
what I read around and experience, some special network settings have to 
be chosen.

For this first try, the bare-metal host is a Debian, running KVM, and 
the virtual NICs are setup as macvtap in VEPA mode.
I'm not up to date with macvtap, but I think I understood that one of 
its limit was that no packet could be exchanged between the host and the 
guests. So far, this is leading me to access my own local VMs from 
another host. Too bad.

I'm also witnessing frequent loss of packets.

So far, I'm also seeing that guests can not ping each others, so I'm not 
going further before having solved these basic issues.

I'm remembering the good old times of lots of bridges where my VMs could 
be reached by anyone (this was desired), but virt manager is not 
offering me this choice. I also would like to avoid NAT for other reasons.

To you all (4) people who are playing with nested oVirt :
- which is your preferred bare metal OS?
- which is your preferred guest (first virt level) OS?
- which network setups and modes are working best?

Thank you.


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