[ovirt-users] ovirt 3.6: hosted engine migration to glusterfs

Fedele Stabile fedele.stabile at fis.unical.it
Fri Sep 16 11:58:00 UTC 2016

I have just upgraded my ovirt cluster from 3.5 to 3.6 and now I have
HostedEngine on the LocalStorage of the node.
I have executed the command hosted-engine --deploy on other nodes, 
actually I have the HE image on a nfs filesystem mounted on 5 nodes 
but I would migrate the HE image to glusterfs.
What are the steps to begin this operation?
Is it possible just move the disk on the glusterfs?
.. alternatively, I have to install HE again but on glusterfs,
restoring the db as if I have to restore from a corrupted storage.
In that case I suppose that a VM named HostedEngine will appear in a
down state and is not possible to delete it by WebUI because is not
handled by the new engine: the only possibility is to delete it from
working on engine-db.

Can you suggest me the easiest way?

Fedele Stabile

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