[ovirt-users] can't import vm from KVM host

Shahar Havivi shavivi at redhat.com
Tue Sep 20 06:04:41 UTC 2016

On 19.09.16 18:11, Nelson Lameiras wrote:
> Well I think I have a rather "classical" environment :
> This is the test setup I created (from scratch) in order to simulate future migrations (which will be used to migrate our hundreds of vm in production)
> On one side, I have a x86_64 centos7.2+KVM hosting one VM with 2 iscsi disks : 
>   1 LVM block device /dev/mapper/vg_01-lv_sys, using virtio
>   1 block device /dev/sdc, using virtio
> on the other side, I have a x86_64 centos 7.2 oVirt cluster (2 hosts, same hardware as KVM hosts) installed with 4.0.3 oVirt (hosts and engine) fully upgraded to 4.0.4RC1 (hosts and engine)
> Target would be oVirt iscsi Data Domain disk (which is irrelevant because the problem I'm describing arises before selecting oVirt target)
> I'm using the GUI to test the native import capabilities of oVirt "Import VM"
> When selecting KVM import, putting correct URL data (using either tcp or ssh transport), I get a list of VM machines running in the KVM cluster (for this exemple, only the one VM described above), but the disk count is always 0. Which makes it impossible to import the VM.
> I should add that I made the same VM import using "local hard drives" (ie. local raw file) and it works as expected, I can see one or multiple disks and import them easily to oVirt. The problem seems to manifest itself only when importing disks using block devices directly.
> Do you need more information from me, or make more tests?
> thanks a lot,
> nelson
Can you post the libvirt xml as attachment here (at least the disks sections):

$ virsh -r dumpxml <vmname>


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