[ovirt-users] quota creation from ovirt-shell

Andrej Krejcir akrejcir at redhat.com
Tue Sep 20 09:44:23 UTC 2016


there is a bug in the ovirt-cli, which makes creating quotaclusterlimit and quotastoragelimit impossible.

The correct syntax would be: 
add quotastoragelimit --parent-datacenter-name Default --parent-quota-name testcli ...

You could use a python script with the SDK instead.
For example:

from ovirtsdk.api import API
from ovirtsdk.xml.params import Quota
from ovirtsdk.xml.params import QuotaStorageLimit

api = API('IP:PORT/ovirt-engine/api', 'admin at internal', 'pass')
dc = api.datacenters.list()[0]
quota = dc.quotas.add(Quota(name="quota1"))


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I am trying to create user quotas from the command line via the shell. 

I am using ovirt 3.6.7 and the command 

add quota --parent-datacenter-name Default --name testcli 

creates a quota but without quotaclusterlimit or quotastoragelimit 

I can't find the correct syntax to create these. 

Also how would I add a consumer and change the values when created? 

Any examples or pointers to documentation would be appreciated. 


Paul S. 
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