[ovirt-users] VMs get paused when FC port in any host get online

Federico Alberto Sayd fsayd at uncu.edu.ar
Wed Sep 21 18:19:09 UTC 2016


Since I upgraded to 4.0 I have troubles with the storage of my oVirt 
setup. I have 2 IBM 3512 arrays connected to 8 ovirt hosts through FC.
When a host is rebooted or when a new port get online in the FC switchs 
although the port isn't connected to storage or oVirt hosts; oVirt 
reports I/O problems and pause some vm's. I have to manually resume the 
vm's. It seem that any change (even non disruptive changes) to FC 
switchs and HBAs causes that ovirt detects I/O problems.

How I can debug this issue. How can I know if It is related to 
vdsm/ovirt, mulitpathd..?

Thanks in advance


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