[ovirt-users] cloud-init and user password

Davide Ferrari davide at billymob.com
Fri Sep 23 11:45:50 UTC 2016


I'm using a Centos7 cloud image from built-in ovirt-image-repository and I
have some trouble setting an initial password for a given user with

Basically, it doesn't set any password. Other things work: user is created,
ssh key is set (both for the user and root) but no password. This is a
problem for me because I want to automatically provision the image with
Foreman but the ovirt integration works only with password.

The cloud-init logs in the VMs doesn't tell anything about password being
or not set.
What's the password format accepted in the GUI? plain text? or salted hash
like plain cloud-init config?


Davide Ferrari
Senior Systems Engineer
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