[ovirt-users] yum install ovirt-engine- , when run the "engine-setup" not updrages , Report an error

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Tue Sep 27 07:12:07 UTC 2016

Ovirt current version is ,i installed ovirt-engine with older version like and install it by "yum install ovirt-engine- ", when run the  "engine-setup" i am not updrages ,Report an error,how can i to do,Thank you.
i don't want to install the latest version.

[root at localhost ~]# engine-setup
[ INFO  ] Stage: Initializing
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment setup
          Configuration files: ['/etc/ovirt-engine-setup.conf.d/10-packaging-jboss.conf', '/etc/ovirt-engine-setup.conf.d/10-packaging.conf']
          Log file: /var/log/ovirt-engine/setup/ovirt-engine-setup-20160927144353-coryv9.log
          Version: otopi-1.5.2 (otopi-1.5.2-1.el7.centos)
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment packages setup
[ INFO  ] Stage: Programs detection
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment setup
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment customization
          --== PRODUCT OPTIONS ==--
          Configure Engine on this host (Yes, No) [Yes]:
          Configure Image I/O Proxy on this host? (Yes, No) [Yes]:
          Configure WebSocket Proxy on this host (Yes, No) [Yes]:
          Please note: Data Warehouse is required for the engine. If you choose to not configure it on this host, you have to configure it on a remote host, and then configure the engine on this host so that it can access the database of the remote Data Warehouse host.
          Configure Data Warehouse on this host (Yes, No) [Yes]:
          Configure VM Console Proxy on this host (Yes, No) [Yes]:
          --== PACKAGES ==--
[ INFO  ] Checking for product updates...
          Setup has found updates for some packages:
          PACKAGE: [updated] ovirt-engine-
          PACKAGE: [update] ovirt-engine-
          PACKAGE: [updated] ovirt-engine-backend-
          PACKAGE: [update] ovirt-engine-backend-
          PACKAGE: [updated] ovirt-engine-dbscripts-
          PACKAGE: [update] ovirt-engine-dbscripts-
          PACKAGE: [updated] ovirt-engine-restapi-
          PACKAGE: [update] ovirt-engine-restapi-
          PACKAGE: [updated] ovirt-engine-tools-
          PACKAGE: [update] ovirt-engine-tools-
          PACKAGE: [updated] ovirt-engine-tools-backup-
          PACKAGE: [update] ovirt-engine-tools-backup-
          PACKAGE: [updated] ovirt-engine-userportal-
          PACKAGE: [update] ovirt-engine-userportal-
          PACKAGE: [updated] ovirt-engine-webadmin-portal-
          PACKAGE: [update] ovirt-engine-webadmin-portal-
          do you wish to update them now? (Yes, No) [Yes]: no
[ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Environment customization': Aborted, packages must be updated
[ INFO  ] Stage: Clean up
          Log file is located at /var/log/ovirt-engine/setup/ovirt-engine-setup-20160927144353-coryv9.log
[ INFO  ] Generating answer file '/var/lib/ovirt-engine/setup/answers/20160927144532-setup.conf'
[ INFO  ] Stage: Pre-termination
[ INFO  ] Stage: Termination
[ ERROR ] Execution of setup failed
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