[ovirt-users] quick way to see total RAM and CPU count on VM listing

Alexander Wels awels at redhat.com
Fri Sep 30 12:57:56 UTC 2016

On Thursday, September 29, 2016 4:46:53 PM EDT Nelson Lameiras wrote:
> Hello oVirt community,
> When listing virtual machines, is there a quick way to see how much RAM/CPU
> each machine has?

If you select a VM, it will open up the sub tabs at the bottom of the web 
admin. On the general tab in the second column it will list defined memory, 
guaranteed memory as well as cpu information.

> In oVirt 4.0.4, I can see ram/cpu usage in a very nice way, but I can not
> access easily the total RAM and number of CPUs. The only way to find this
> information in GUI is to edit a vm and see the system tab (and that's when
> the "edit" context menu is available, which is not always)
> Am I missing something?
> This information is very usefull and sometimes critical (when migrating VM
> to hosts which are already low on free RAM, specially when balloning is
> involved)
> I would like to see this information always on screen, like a (un)checkable
> column... does it seem doable ? Maybe it would be possible to show it while
> hoovering the memory/cpu information with the mouse ?
> Please forgive me if this is not the rigth place to post this
> question/request.
> cordialement, regards,
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