[ovirt-users] Multipath handling in oVirt

Nicolas Ecarnot nicolas at ecarnot.net
Wed Feb 1 10:50:14 UTC 2017


I'm starting over on this subject because I wanted to clarify what was 
the oVirt way to manage multipathing.

(Here I will talk only about the data/iSCSI/SAN/LUN/you name it networks.)
According to what I see in the host network setup, one can assign *ONE* 
data network to an interface or to a group of interfaces.

That implies that if my host has two data-dedicated interfaces, I can
- either group them using bonding (and oVirt is handy for that in the 
host network setup), then assign the data virtual network to this bond
- either assign each nic a different ip in each a different VLAN, then 
use two different data networks, and assign them each a different data 
network. I never played this game and don't know where it's going to.

At first, may the oVirt storage experts comment on the above to check 
it's ok.

Then, as many users here, our hardware is this :
- Hosts : Dell poweredge, mostly blades (M610,620,630), or rack servers
- SANs : Equallogic PS4xxx and PS6xxx

Equallogic's recommendation is that bonding is evil in iSCSI access.
To them, multipath is the only true way.
After reading tons of docs and using Dell support, everything is telling 
me to use at least two different NICs with different ip, not bonded - 
using the same network is bad but ok.

How can oVirt handle that ?


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