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Jon bae jonbae77 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 08:50:05 UTC 2018

Hi Markus,
I install Windows 2016 just for two weeks, so in general it must work.
Have you insert the windows iso to the dvd drive and the floppy file to the
floppy? After booting and selecting installation, a bit after must come a
menu where you normally choice the hard drive for installation, but this is
There is a button with install driver or something similar. When you click
on it, you can navigate to the floppy drive.

When this is not working, you can also change your HDD to IDE, install
Windows. Add a second drive with virtIO, insert den driver CD install the
driver. Reboot, remove the second HDD and change the main disk to virtIO to.
But this is a bit hacky :).


Hi Jonathan,

thanks for your quick reply!

I startet with run once and attached the flv to the floppy, but still
there’s no floppy or cd-rom drive with the drivers on it.

Any hint on this?


Hi Markus,

you need to use the "run onces" option, to be able to insert the floppy.


2018-02-19 8:58 GMT+01:00 <Markus.Schaufler at ooe.gv.at>:


I’m new here – hope you can forgive my „newbie questions“.

I want to install a Server 2016 – so I uploaded both the Windows ISO and
the virtio drivers iso to the ISO Domain location. In the VM Options I can
choose both ISO files.

But as refered in a Howto, I need to use a Floppy device with a flv file. I
found the FLV drivers file, but I cannot find any Floppy device – there’s
no option to choose.

So I tried to add a second CD-Rom because in Proxmox that already did work.
But I cannot find any option to add a second CD-Rom too.

Any idea how I can provide the drivers for the windows installation?

Thanks for any help!

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