[ovirt-users] Use of virtual disks

Langley, Robert Robert.Langley at ventura.org
Wed Feb 21 07:16:56 UTC 2018

My first experience with this situation using oVirt.
I do come from using VMWare and have been also been using oVirt for several years.
We've also paid for RHEV, but migration is held up at the moment. I am trying to prepare for that.

My problem is how it does not appear to be so simple to utilize the VM disks. In VMWare it is so simple. Snapshot or not, in vSphere I can take the virtual disk file and use it for another VM when needed. It doesn't make sense to me in oVirt. I have another entry here about my  issue that lead to this need, where I am not able to delete snapshot files for those disks I was attempting to live migrate and there was an issue... Now, the empty snapshot files are preventing some VMs from starting. It seems I should be able to take the VM disk files, without the snapshots, and use them with another VM. But, that does not appear possible from what I can tell in oVirt.

I desperately need to get one specific VM going. The other two, no worries. I was able to restore from backup, one of the effected VMs. The third is not important at all and can easily by re-created.
Is anyone experienced with taking VM disks from one and using them (without snapshots) with another VM? I could really use some sort of workaround.

Thanks if anyone can come up with a good answer that would help.
-Robert L.
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