[ovirt-users] problem importing ova vm

Jiří Sléžka jiri.slezka at slu.cz
Thu Feb 22 12:27:18 UTC 2018

On 02/22/2018 11:22 AM, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 12:09:56PM +0200, Arik Hadas wrote:
>> supermin: failed to find a suitable kernel (host_cpu=x86_64).
> Please run ‘libguestfs-test-tool’ and attach the complete output.

     *                    IMPORTANT NOTICE
     * When reporting bugs, include the COMPLETE, UNEDITED
     * output below in your bug report.
SELinux: Enforcing
guestfs_get_append: (null)
guestfs_get_autosync: 1
guestfs_get_backend: libvirt
guestfs_get_backend_settings: []
guestfs_get_cachedir: /var/tmp
guestfs_get_direct: 0
guestfs_get_hv: /usr/libexec/qemu-kvm
guestfs_get_memsize: 500
guestfs_get_network: 0
guestfs_get_path: /usr/lib64/guestfs
guestfs_get_pgroup: 0
guestfs_get_program: libguestfs-test-tool
guestfs_get_recovery_proc: 1
guestfs_get_smp: 1
guestfs_get_sockdir: /tmp
guestfs_get_tmpdir: /tmp
guestfs_get_trace: 0
guestfs_get_verbose: 1
host_cpu: x86_64
Launching appliance, timeout set to 600 seconds.
libguestfs: launch: program=libguestfs-test-tool
libguestfs: launch: version=1.36.3rhel=7,release=6.el7_4.3,libvirt
libguestfs: launch: backend registered: unix
libguestfs: launch: backend registered: uml
libguestfs: launch: backend registered: libvirt
libguestfs: launch: backend registered: direct
libguestfs: launch: backend=libvirt
libguestfs: launch: tmpdir=/tmp/libguestfsmsimNR
libguestfs: launch: umask=0022
libguestfs: launch: euid=0
libguestfs: libvirt version = 3002000 (3.2.0)
libguestfs: guest random name = guestfs-ii13o2gd48kt6mrz
libguestfs: connect to libvirt
libguestfs: opening libvirt handle: URI = qemu:///system, auth =
default+wrapper, flags = 0
libvirt needs authentication to connect to libvirt URI qemu:///system
(see also: http://libvirt.org/auth.html http://libvirt.org/uri.html)

(not sure if you need information after authentication (and I am not
sure which credentials it needs))

>> @Richard, this is an OVA of a VM installed with Debian64 as guest OS that

>> was exported from VirtualBox, is it supported by virt-v2v?
> No, we only support OVAs exported from VMware.  OVF isn't a
> real standard, it's a ploy by VMware to pretend that they
> conform to standards.


maybe supporting import from VirtualBox is the way to lowering VmWare
importance :-)

Cheers, Jiri

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