[ovirt-users] Change management network

Chris Boot lists at bootc.boo.tc
Thu Feb 22 17:15:46 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I have an oVirt cluster on which I need to change which VLAN is the
management network.

The new management network is an existing VM network. I've configured IP
addresses for all the hosts on this network, and I've even moved the
HostedEngine VM onto this network. So far so good.

What I cannot seem to be able to do is actually change the "management
network" toggle in the cluster to this network: the oVirt Engine
complains saying:

"Error while executing action: Cannot edit Network. Changing management
network in a non-empty cluster is not allowed."

How can I get around this? I clearly cannot empty the cluster, as the
cluster contains all my existing VMs, hosts and HostedEngine.

Best regards,

Chris Boot
bootc at boo.tc

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