[ovirt-users] Cannot activate storage domain

Bruckner, Simone simone.bruckner at fabasoft.com
Thu Mar 1 16:57:03 UTC 2018


  we are still struggling getting a storage domain online again. We tried to put the storage domain in maintenance mode, that led to "Failed to update OVF disks 809cc8d7-7687-46cf-a342-3be48674a9b3, OVF data isn't updated on those OVF stores".

Trying again with ignoring OVF update failures put the storage domain in "preparing for maintenance". We see the following message on all hosts: "Error releasing host id 26 for domain b83c159c-4ad6-4613-ba16-bab95ccd10c0 (monitor:578)".

Querying the storage domain using vdsm-client on the SPM resulted in
# vdsm-client StorageDomain getInfo "storagedomainID"="b83c159c-4ad6-4613-ba16-bab95ccd10c0"
vdsm-client: Command StorageDomain.getInfo with args {'storagedomainID': 'b83c159c-4ad6-4613-ba16-bab95ccd10c0'} failed:
(code=358, message=Storage domain does not exist: (u'b83c159c-4ad6-4613-ba16-bab95ccd10c0',))

Any ideas?

Thank you and all the best,

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Hi all,

  we run a small oVirt installation that we also use for automated testing (automatically creating, dropping vms).

We got an inactive FC storage domain that we cannot activate any more. We see several events at that time starting with:

VM perftest-c17 is down with error. Exit message: Unable to get volume size for domain b83c159c-4ad6-4613-ba16-bab95ccd10c0 volume 686376c1-4be1-44c3-89a3-0a8addc8fdf2.

Trying to activate the strorage domain results in the following alert event for each host:

VDSM <hostname> command GetVGInfoVDS failed: Volume Group does not exist: (u'vg_uuid: 813oRe-64r8-mloU-k9G2-LFsS-dXSG-hpN4kf',)

And after those messages from all hosts we get:

VDSM command ActivateStorageDomainVDS failed: Storage domain does not exist: (u'b83c159c-4ad6-4613-ba16-bab95ccd10c0',)
Failed to activate Storage Domain VMHOST_LUN_205 (Data Center Production) by <user>
Invalid status on Data Center Production. Setting status to Non Responsive.
Storage Pool Manager runs on Host vmhost003.fabagl.fabasoft.com (Address: vmhost003.fabagl.fabasoft.com), Data Center Production.

Checking the hosts with multipath -ll we see the LUN without errors.

We run oVirt 4.2.1 on CentOS 7.4. Hosts are CentOS 7.4 hosts with oVirt installed using oVirt engine.
Hosts are connected to about 30 FC LUNs (8 TB each) on two all-flash storage arrays.

Thank you,
Simone Bruckner

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