[ovirt-devel] How To Auto Set oVirt RESTApi Session?

王成俊 wcj2007 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 08:56:04 UTC 2014

Dear Sir:

         I am a new one in studing ovirt engine.Now,I have a Servlet in
org.ovirt.engine.ui.frontend.server.gwt package.

         I want to call
password, domain)* to set session for restapi in this servlet.

         But when I visit this servlet,it occur to show me an error which
just like "*JBWEB000071: root cause java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicompat.IFrontendActionAsyncCallback from [Module
"deployment.engine.ear.webadmin.war:main" from Service Module
Loader]*". I found that this error is occured by calling*

         Can you tell me how to resolve this problem or a new way to set
and resume restapi session in a servlet package of
org.ovirt.engine.ui.front.server.gwt like the RestApiSessionManager in
org.ovirt.engine.ui.webadmin.plugin.restapi package?


Best Regards!
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