[ovirt-devel] NUMA-support oVirt scheduler intergation design

Gilad Chaplik gchaplik at redhat.com
Wed Jun 4 10:23:48 UTC 2014

Hi List,

This is the design for NUMA-support oVirt Scheduler integration; I'll add 3
policy unit modules (#) as described in following document:

(1) Filter Module: NUMA_HostFilter:
If the VM has NUMA vNodes/pinning configured, and the rule can't be
accommodated on the host, it'd filtered.
* pin2host filter should make sure the filter gets a single host. the
filter should be transparent to specific hosts.
* not sure we'll want to add this filter in first phase to all
cluster/scheduling policies; @Doron?

Weights Modules:
(2) even_dest_NUMA
Should "even distribute" weights (scores) according to:
* Available memory on nodes
* Numatune memory mode (strict/preferred/interleave)
* Autonuma/pinned NUMA
(3) power_saving_NUMA (added to power_saving cluster/scheduling policy)
* same as even_dest_NUMA with opposite weights.

I'd appreciate any comment or suggestion.

Once approved by you, I'll update the feature page and upload a patch for


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