[ovirt-devel] Question/thoughts about our engine logging framework

Martin Perina mperina at redhat.com
Fri Jun 13 08:43:59 UTC 2014

Hi Yair,

I had in my mind to clean up logging framework mess for quite some time :-)
Currently this is the usage of logging frameworks in engine classes:

java.util.logging.Logger              6.8%
org.apache.commons.logging.Log        7.8%
org.apache.log4j.Logger              13.6% 
org.ovirt.engine.core.utils.log.Log  68.8%
org.slf4j.Logger                      2.9%

I think we should definitely use only 1 logging framework for the whole engine!

So +1 to slf4j from me.

And once we agree to 1 logging framework, I can start preparing patches to use it.

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> Subject: [ovirt-devel] Question/thoughts about our engine logging framework
> Hi all,
> During my recent work on AAA, I was suggested by Juan Hernandez  to use slf4j
> logging framework which serves as a facade for other logging frameworks
> (including java utils logging which is now used by jboss), log4j and others.
> I have accepted Juan's offer, and then when looking at our LogFactory class I
> have noticed we use commons logging.
> Several thoughts/questions -
> A. Why continue use our own wrapper as slf4j is already a facade.
> b. I think we should move cross java code to slf4j. What do you think on this
> point?
> Some reading material -
> http://javarevisited.blogspot.com.au/2013/08/why-use-sl4j-over-log4j-for-logging-in.html
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3222895/what-is-the-issue-with-the-runtime-discovery-algorithm-of-apache-commons-logging
> Yair
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