[ovirt-devel] Stats for oVirt Downloads: Jan-May 2014

Brian Proffitt bproffit at redhat.com
Fri Jun 27 03:37:54 UTC 2014


For some time, traffic statistics for the sites in the ovirt.org domain (lists, resources, gerrit, and linode01) have been collected and organized using awstats[1] at stats.ovirt.org[2]. From the data provided for resources, I have been able to put together what should be a fairly definitive set of statistics for software downloads within the oVirt Project.


The statistics that were analyzed were for five parts of the project:

* Engine
* Live
* Node
* Engine Reports
* Engine dwh

Downloads of the Engine RPM file, it was determined, would be indicative of actual oVirt installs. The allinone RPMs were not analyzed at this time, since installing this RPM is a choice made during the installation process itself. Tracking the Engine Reports and dwh RPMs was done to determine the popularity of these two tools and to ensure their numbers were comparable.

To count downloads, data was gathered each month that listed the total downloads of every file, a number derived from the total hits each file had, minus any 206 hits, which indicated incomplete downloads. Key files for Engine, Engine Reports, and Engine dwh were identified and the data filtered to include counts for each one of the files, in whatever version released.

Tracking of Live and Node RPMs was already set up within the awstats reporting, and was taken directly from awstats in each month.

If there is any part of this methodology that is in error, feedback is very much appreciated.

Presentation of Data

Data was aggregated using Pivot Tables in Google Docs, and the application of SUMIFS functions in the same spreadsheet document. This document is still being formatted into a more presentable form, but until then, I wanted to deliver some preliminary results to the community for the first five months of the year. 

It will be noted that in general, download numbers are on the rise, particularly around the time oVirt 3.4 was released. There are significant gaps in downloads of Engine Reports and Engine dwh. I am still investigating the cause of this lack of data.


Jan	5815
Feb	4251
Mar	1980
Apr	10509
May	12043

Engine Reports
Jan	0
Feb	1209
Mar	0
Apr	10282
May	9647

Engine dwh
Jan	0
Feb	603
Mar	0
Apr	9974
May	10311

Jan	845
Feb	757
Mar	739
Apr	1981
May	1187

Jan	95
Feb	757
Mar	739
Apr	1981
May	1187

Thanks for Alon Bar-Lev and Michael Scherer for their invaluable assistance with this data gathering and reporting.


[1] http://awstats.sourceforge.net/
[2] http://stats.ovirt.org/

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