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On 02/24/2013 01:42 AM, Kiril Nesenko wrote:
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>>> Hi team,
>>> I have few ideas regarding the project, any feedback will be
>>> appreciated !
>>> ### IRC ###
>>> 1. I think that we should create new channels on irc, #ovirt is not
>>> enough.
>> Would you explain why it's time to fork #ovirt? I do not see TOO much
>> traffic or confusion there.
> I think that we need to prepare for the future and do things correctly.
> I think that this will help the project to grow.

There's also the idea that we don't want to split communication channels
(mailing lists, IRC, etc.) until it's really necessary.

We can always create new channels if we get too busy in the main location.

The risk is that if we create N channels and split people there, we
reduce the energy in the community.

As Mike points out, we only have 3 meetings in the course of a week. We
do get a little bit of interruption during the meeting, but it's not too
bad. Also, we're showing all the IRC activity of the community in one
location, so we increase visibility to contributors and interested people.

Generally, I prefer to create new channels when it's extremely clear
it's needed. (I can tend to overthink this by creating too much at the
start, so I've learned to pull back to the basics and grow as needed.) I
don't think I see that we've reached the "extremely clear" traffic level.

- Karsten
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