oVirt.org Access Needed

Brian Proffitt bproffit at redhat.com
Thu Jan 23 13:10:19 UTC 2014

We are working with Bitergia to set up community dashboards, like the one found here: http://bitergia.com/projects/redhat-ovirt-dashboard/browser/

Rich Bowen has the dashboard for RDO set up on the RDO pages at http://openstack.redhat.com/stats/, where he has set an alias for /stats to hit /var/redhat-rdo-dashboard/browser. He pulls the data from Bitergia into the /var.. directory using a daily cron job. 

We would like to set up a similar configuration, and to do this, I believe I will need access to the oVirt.org application on OpenShift via ovirt user, and probably admin access to oVirt's mediawiki site.

I have the wiki admin access, but not the OpenShift access. Can you set up such access for me or possibly set up the alias configuration as Rich has done for the RDO site? My OpenShift ID is bproffit at redhat.com. My public SSH key is attached.

Thank you,

Brian Proffitt - oVirt Community Manager
Open Source and Standards, Red Hat - http://community.redhat.com
Phone: +1 312 477 4320 / Cell: +1 574 383 9BKP
IRC: bkp
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