[Users] ovirt VM custom properties

Brown, Chris (GE Healthcare) Christopher.Brown at med.ge.com
Wed Feb 1 21:16:35 UTC 2012

In an effort to work around the mouse issues with spice consoles and
certain guests I had an idea for the time being.

My thought process is to leverage custom properties to enable usb-tablet
support on said guests.



I perused the available documentation and it appears that these custom
properties are ultimately fed into the generated libvirt domain xml.

Thus sifting through -->
http://libvirt.org/formatdomain.html#elementsInput we can pass in:


    <input type='tablet' bus='usb'/ id='input0'>



The issue I am hung up on is that since this contains multi-level
elements can this even be specified as a custom property?

If so can one of the ovirt developers provide an example on how to go
about it?


- Chris

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