[Users] oVirt Board Meetings at Workshops

Leslie Hawthorn lhawthor at redhat.com
Wed May 23 16:57:42 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,

Given that many of our Board Members will be in attendance at some of 
our larger upcoming workshops [0], it would be useful to arrange Board 
meetings during these face to face gatherings. While there is not 
sufficient time to make arrangements for such a meeting at LinuxCon 
Japan, I would like to facilitate arrangements for Board Meetings at our 
other upcoming workshops.

I'd like to gather data on which workshops would work best for Board 
Meetings. Specifically, understanding if the oVirt Board would be 
interested in meeting at all of these workshops or only a subset of 
them. If we're aiming for a subset, which workshop dates/locations work 
best for all?

To collect this data, I've created a planning page [1] on the oVirt 
wiki. I'm asking that our Board Members review the page and add their 
preferences for Board Meeting locations. I'll then follow up on keeping 
the community updated on Board Meetings both on list and during our 
weekly IRC meetings.

[0] - http://www.ovirt.org/wiki/OVirt_Global_Workshops

[1] - http://www.ovirt.org/wiki/Workshop_Board_Meetings


Leslie Hawthorn
Community Action and Impact
Open Source and Standards @ Red Hat


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