[Users] Some problems wtith engine

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Fri May 25 06:10:50 UTC 2012

1. Problem to add second disk to VM

I created shared disk and attach it to VM, but then when I tried to start VM got error

XML error: Attempted double use of PCI Address '0:0:2.0'.

VM not started even I detach and remove second disk. May it is possible to correct VM configuration parameters manually

2. Sometimes engine lost the connection to VMs

VM is working, but in engine it has status "Not Responding", VM is Win2003R2 with no agent installed, now it has UP time 8 days, and i could connect to console using rdp, on vdsm host vdsClient show it status is UP

# vdsClient -s 0 list table
121119f1-7f82-437e-ba68-ef5299de443a  31874  VM01                  Up*

# virsh -r list --all
 Id    Name                           State
 6     VM01                            running

but it can't be stopped nor by engine UI nor but vdsClient

# vdsClient -s 0 reset 121119f1-7f82-437e-ba68-ef5299de443a
Not implemented

# vdsClient -s 0 shutdown 121119f1-7f82-437e-ba68-ef5299de443a 1 mes

but VM still working

3. Can't using fedora16 as a guest. Fedora16 VM minimal install with updates is starting only in single-user mode (i can add packages, do update), but if i do telinit 3 or start it in muili-user mode it freeze

4. Can't restore VMs with old ovf format with first tag 
The error in engine:
Failed to read VM 'MailSRV' OVF, it may be corrupted

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