[Users] [node-devel] Seting the timezone on the node

Michel van Horssen mvanhorssen at vluchtelingenwerk.nl
Fri May 25 14:57:59 UTC 2012

Hi Mike,

> At this time, ovirt-node doesn't have any way to set different time
> zones.  IMO, this isn't a bug with ovirt-node though.  IMO, migration
> *should* normalize the time to a consistent time zone regardless.  If
> migration is breaking due to there being different time zones on
> engine
> and node, then that's a bug with engine/vdsm.

Hmm, strange. You're correct, I did some test migrations earlier and when I migrated to one of the nodes the status was "?" The moment I changed to the correct time on the node the green triangle appeared in the web inteface.

Now doing some migrations between nodes (with different times) all went well. Funny.

My time paranoia is partly because of the other migration problem I had (tls related). It was suggested to look at time differences on the nodes and the VDSM. Now I found the real problem I thought I would tackle the time thing.

But that doesn't seem to be a problem so I'll leave at that.
> Mike

Thnx Mike


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